The Real Problem With Freedom of Speech

There are a few things I hate in this world: unintentional public erections, overcooked pad thai, and internet commentators. Boners and peanut sauce aside, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the third one listed: internet commentators. Now, I’ll admit that I dabble in occasional narcissism ( I mean why else would I have a blog?) but for the most part I consider myself to be a person who only voices his opinions when it’s appropriate. And while it may be an entirely un-American thing to say, I am a firm believer that not all opinions are equal and that people should be a little bit more selective when it comes to their use of the First Amendment.

I’ve always had a problem with people voicing uneducated opinions or speaking their mind without knowing context or doing the research beforehand. In fact, nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing  someone in class who clearly hasn’t done the homework/reading contributing to the class conversation. It’s simply my opinion that this person has no right to participate because they made no effort to come prepared. And while their opinion may accidentally end up being relevant to the conversation, I can’t help but feel it’s egotistical for someone to talk on an issue without knowing anything about it. To me, it’s almost as if this person thinks they’re so intelligent that their opinions transcend any factual data or actual background information. But in reality they’re just a dickhead who came unprepared because they think they’re above it all.

This uninformed opinion spitting behavior has become extremely widespread on the Internet. People, now more than ever, feel compelled to comment on articles and posts and give their two-cents without researching the subject. In fact, some people will even comment on articles without even reading the article! And for what? I’ll never understand why people feel entitled to speak their mind without knowing a flying fuck about the topic at hand.

I get that there are controversial topics that elicit strong emotional responses. I understand that abortion is a hot button topic and that people feel one way or another about it. But for the love of Christ people, acknowledge the difference between opinion and fact. It’s one thing for you to say that you don’t believe in abortion, it’s another thing entirely to make up scientific facts about it or comment illogical things. You can’t “feel” something into a fact; and defending your illogical attitudes by saying “I don’t need to explain myself to you #freedomofspeech” isn’t doing anyone any favors.
My guess is that this type of online behavior stems from some mixture of loneliness and boredom. People comment half-baked ideas with the hopes that it’ll elicit a response from others. This response  turns into a clusterfuck of comments, which can result hours of wasted time fighting with anonymous people. And perhaps that’s an enjoyable thing for these commentators- slinging personal attacks at people they’ve never met and being forced to defend a point that is indefensible is fun. Maybe it’s even more simple than that- maybe they just want attention. They want someone to acknowledge their existence, even if it’s only in a negative way.

I won’t lie and say that I’m not occasionally envious of the people who have thousands of “likes” on their comments and get widespread approval from others. I can admit to wishing that I got a top rated comment on HONY and that random strangers approved of me without knowing who I actually am. But I’ve never felt the need to spew hatred or saying something inflammatory just to get attention. While I may think Kim Kardashian is dumb, I don’t feel compelled to comment that on an article about her. I’m rational enough to know that commenting that will in no way help me and I’m also realistic enough to know that Kim doesn’t give a shit about my existence. So then why would it matter what I think of Kim? She’s a woman with more fame and fortune than I could ever dream of- and no amount of shit talking will change that. So really my opinion is not needed.

In conclusion, SHUT THE FUCK UP EVERYBODY! Comment on the topics you’ve spent time researching, give your opinion on things that are relevant to your own life and don’t sit around being a troll bitch. With all of the technological advances we spend enough time wasting our lives away on our phones, why add any more time by commenting on articles? Just because we have freedom of speech doesn’t mean we need to exercise it 24/7!  Because at the end of the day just because we all have the right to speak doesn’t mean we should (all the time at least).


Let’s end this bitch with a quote:

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.”- Zeno of Citium

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What Your Favorite Mario Character Says About You



You’re a natural born leader who prefers routine and order. You may not be the most exciting of your friends but you’re always there for them when they need you and you remain true to your values in spite of all odds. So yeah you may be a vanilla bitch, but vanilla is delicious so it’s whatevz.


You’re most likely the  misunderstood one in your friend group because of your general awkwardness and poorly timed/completely inappropriate jokes. You’re an odd person but people find your honesty and individuality  to be a breath of fresh air. So while you may not be the leader of or the coolest one in the bunch, you’re still a pretty rad person who people can feel comfortable being themselves around.


You’re the Princess of the group. You love being melodramatic and making things all about you (but in an endearing way of course). You’re not afraid to express your emotions and let people know exactly what it is you’re thinking. You can sometimes be a lot too handle but you’re confident in who you are and aren’t afraid to say “fuck you” to the haters.  Besides no one could really hate you- you’re too damn cute!


You’re the best friend of the group. You’re extremely easy going and tend to be the peacekeeper of the group. People have a tendency to take you for granted and may not always think about  how you feel, but you try to remain optimistic regardless.  Just make sure to remind people that your feelings are just as important as theirs!



People fucking love you! You’re easily the fan favorite of the group because of your originality and quirkiness. You see the best in people and you bring the party with you wherever you go. You’re also the type to constantly be running around and often find yourself distracted by the little things in life. Focus your ish and you’ll go far, bby!

Donkey Kong

You’re an independent type who doesn’t allow his or her self to get to wrapped up in other people’s drama.  You just come and go as you please. And while you may not seem like the most intelligent or interesting person, people are constantly surprised by how awesome you actually are. Also you look like a monkey.


You’re the chill one in your friend group. Sure you may not be the most exciting, nor the most likable, but you’re quite aware of your surroundings and give out great advice. People look to you because of your stable nature and appreciate that you don’t let things phase you. Unfortunately you’re also kind of a basic bitch.


You’re the kind of person who says whatever is on your mind. You generally have a more negative outlook on life and see the worst in others- but at least you do it in a humorous way. So yeah you’re a douche waffle but at least you’re funny enough to make it entertaining.


Yeah you’re just a douche waffle.


You’re the most morally questionable one in your friend group. You do what is in your own  best interest and ignore the opinions of others, even if it pisses them off. You also have a tendency to be extremely confrontational and pick fights with others for no good reason. But in reality you’re just a misunderstood individual who wants to be loved. Oh also you might be a fucking mutated lizard turtle from hell.


No offense but you’re the wannabe slut of the group who can’t get any because you’re just too repulsive. But on the bright side, at least you know how to accessorize?

You’re the new kid in town who wishes people gave you the chance to show them just how rad you are. You’re a beautiful mystery to people which makes you somewhat unapproachable- but don’t worry someone is bound to learn how fantastic you are!



You’re a fucker. Plain and simple.
Green Koopa

You’re a sweet guy who has terrible timing. You end up in the worst situations and it seems that you’re eternally out of luck. But keep on trucking-  maybe someday things will work out (they won’t).

Red Koopa






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The Definitive Rankings of Disney Princes


11.) Adam (The Beast)

Oh hell to the no! I did not just sit through an hour and a half of pseudo bestiality anime porn to watch Belle end up with some gay ass looking Cara Delevigne impersonator. I mean I get that women are naturally attracted to bad boys/love to “fix” men but that only applies if the guy is hot like James Dean or Joe Jonas circa 2009. Newsflash boys, you can only be an asshole if you’re hot.

10. Kristoff

I understand that Princess Anna is adorkable and quirky or whatever but did they really have to pair her with a guy who was raised by trolls and gets intimate with a reindeer in his spare time? Sure, he’s nice and whatever but he’s just not Prince material- especially when you consider the fact that his nose is big enough to be a landing strip for planes. The only thing going for him is that he’s voiced by a cute homosexual.

9.) John Smith

It’s hard for John Smith to shine in a movie that is all about how glorious the main character’s hair is. I mean sure he’s a decent guy who was forward thinking when it came to interracial romance, but he’s not particularly interesting. Let’s also not forget he’s voiced by the anti-Christ (Mel Gibson)

8.) Prince Florian

For starters, Prince Florian is clearly a homosexual. There’s no way he’s attracted to someone as insufferable as Snow White and we all know the whole “true love’s first kiss” thing was invented to sell Lindt Chocolate. With that being said there’s actually very little we know about him-except for the fact that his outfits are gay and he may dabble in necrophilia. But like who hasn’t?

7.) Prince Henry (Prince Charming)

Prince Henry is one WASPy ass motherfucker. He’s rich, good looking, probably hates Catholics and is as vanilla as can be. Sure he’s a tad more developed than Prince Florian but not by much- heck the King’s gay Grand Duke has more character than he does. But he’s nice or whatever and saves Cindy from her first world problems so that’s something. He’s much doper in the Brandy version.

6.) Li Shang

Li Shang is an asshole for about 90% of Mulan. But at the same time, he’s also strangely attractive. Like he’d be a great hate fuck. Anyways—yeah, he’s a good foil to Mulan and they make a good pair. He’s a patriotic guy who fights for the honor and integrity of his mother land- that’s got to count for something, right? Also he sings one of the best songs of any Disney movie!

5.) Aladdin

Aladdin may be charismatic but he’s a complete and total douche waffle. He’s hot headed and immature and often acts without thinking. He’s also completely out of Jasmine’s league. But in his defense, he’s also a funny guy who learned how to make the best of his situation and live each day to the fullest. He also has a nice chest and understands the importance of incorporating vests into your wardrobe.

4.) Prince Phillip

Maleficent may upstage everyone in Sleeping Beauty but that doesn’t mean Prince Phillip isn’t dope. He’s a good looking guy who isn’t afraid of anything that comes his way. He’s thirsty and willing to slay even the scariest hell dragons to get to dat booty. Aurora is also flawless so if she is willing to marry him he must be okay too.

3.) Flynn Rider

Finally, an interesting Disney prince! Flynn Rider goes through a transformation during Tangled- from a morally corrupt thief with great eyebrows to a sentimental good guy with great eyebrows. You can tell he really cares about Rapunzel and it’s nice to see a Prince with some flaws! #eugene4eva

2.) Prince Naveen

Similar to Flynn, Naveen doesn’t start out as the nicest of guys. He’s entitled, pompous, and obnoxious. He grows a lot over the film,however, and you come to fall in love with him. It also doesn’t help that he’s a really cute guy (#whodoesntloveracialambiguity). I know people are probably like “LOL WHO IS DIS?” because I was the only person to see this movie but whatever y’all can SUCK MY ASS.

1.) Prince Eric

I’m not going to pretend that Prince Eric is the smartest or even kindest of the Disney Princes. I am going to say though that he has a really cute dog and some great waterfront real estate. He’s a good looking, attractive guy who clearly cares about a mute girl he barely knows and while he may almost marry the wrong girl he’s still pretty cool. He also murders a giant octopus drag queen which is awesome. But really it’s mostly for the dog.


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The 10 Types of College Relationships

College relationships can be really confusing. After being in a committed relationship for a long time I really never knew all the gray areas in relationships. Becoming single in college was definitely a rude awakening for me. I’ve learned that there are several different types of relationships that exist. Tie in texting/social media/binge drinking and that only complicates things more. So with that said, I’d like to take some time to reflect on the different relationships that exist in college and what they actually mean.

1) Hooking Up

“We’re hooking up” is a phrase that can be complicated. Some identify hooking up as fucking while others just take it as any type of sexual relations. Typically, I see it as the latter. Although hooking up can include sex, I don’t think it necessarily has to. After my dad asked me if I was going to “hook up” with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile that was coming to town, I think that maybe the older generation would benefit more from a definition. Anyway, I think we can all agree that hooking up consists of some sort of lady parts or pee pee action (I’m 12 sorry). Hooking up is usually fun. You’ve found someone you can fool around with, without strings. I’ve found these things usually end  two ways: because of boredom, or one person wanting more out of it. Hooking up can be different than friends with benefits solely on the fact that maybe you were never friends. So generally speaking when someone says they’re hooking up with someone, they’re fooling around, but it hasn’t amounted to anything yet.

Best advice: Not take it too seriously. If all you’re doing is fooling around, odds are that is all it will ever be.


2) Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits. Seems so practical, right? Wrong…well mostly. Basically two of the main things needed in successful relationships are being friends, and being attracted to one another. So if you’re attracted to a friend it’s pretty difficult to then hook up with them and then not gain feelings. I mean you already liked them enough to consider them your friend so it’s somewhat natural to develop feelings after hooking up. I’m not saying it’s impossible  to be friends with benefits but definitely tough. All I can say is that this isn’t something that lasts long. It usually ends in either a relationship or a loss of friendship. Sometimes it can end and you can still maintain your friendship but it’s likely that it will never be the same.

best advice: before entering one of these you should really sit yourself down and think about your end goal. If one partner openly just wants a no strings attached deal and you might possibly want something more, don’t torture yourself. Really figure out if it’s worth it.


3) The kind of friends with benefits


So yeah, I kind of made up this term up but hear me out. You meet someone and you sorta become friends but your friendship contains a lot of flirting and shit. So eventually maybe you hook up. I see this situation as much better than friends with benefits. You know each other, but your relationship was based on a lot of flirting from the beginning so it’s inevitable that it will happen. Under this circumstance, if it ends poorly it feels a lot less worse. You were never great friends to begin with so you don’t feel at a total loss. This kind of friends with benefits is my preferred option. Although, there is the shitty side of things because this is also sorta how relationships start. Fuck.

Best advice: I guess I’d give the same advice as I did with friends with benefits which is establishing what you truly want. I’ll be honest though I’ve successfully lived through the kind of friends with benefits. WOOO go me.


4) We’re talking

The phrase “we’re talking” is the most nonchalant way of saying you’re very very into someone but can’t admit that yet. In the world of college relationships, a lot less time is spent talking and more is spent ripping off each others clothes. When you’ve been “talking” to someone whether it be texting or in person, it usually means you have more interest than just ripping their clothes off. On the other hand, it can mean someone might be talking to you with the end goal of ripping your clothes off.

Best advice: Take this slow.


5) The maybe something

I feel like everyone has to have one of these. It’s someone that you have a “maybe” with. Maybe you’ll date, maybe you’ll hookup, the potential is there but you aren’t totally sure. It just hasn’t happened yet. Generally with these people there is no rush to pursue anything. From my experience it’s usually someone that isn’t necessarily my type so I can’t figure out right away what I want from them. Just a maybe.

Best advice: Let the maybe hang there until you know it’s a yes. Don’t talk yourself into thinking it’s a yes because maybe there is a reason it’s been a maybe for so long. Ya feel me?

6) The back-burner guy

There are two types of this guy. You had a shitty night, the guy you had your eye on fucked you over, better call up the backburner guy! The first one is there to cuddle, listen to you rant about how Jason was all over some other skank at Pike, and hopefully get the chance to kiss you. If not he’s totally down for snugs. He’ll be there for you. He kinda chills in the friend zone in your mind and is an afterthought. Chances are he’s obsessed with you. Yeah he’s definitely in love with you.

Best advice: let him go if you don’t want anything out of it. You can handle a night to yourself.


The other type of this guy is kind of a shit head. He’s similar to the last guy in that you usually call him when you’re feeling lousy. Pretty much to fuck. This guy sucks and doesn’t give a shit. He’ll probably pull a “I have to get up early tomorrow morning” after you have sex to avoid a sleepover. He’ll fuck you and that will temporarily make you feel something.That something will then probably fade to nothing.


Best advice: lose this guy he’s a jerk.


7) The Ex:


The ex is so much all at once. He could be the one that got away or the one you were practically pushing out the door. No matter how it ended it always tends to be complex. Maybe, just maybe you made out fine and are still friends but it doesn’t usually end that way. You might hook up a couple times after it ends, do things to try to make him jealous, call him late at night when you’re lonely.


Best advice: Don’t hookup with him, don’t try to make him jealous, don’t call him late at night when you’re lonely. He’s an ex for a reason.


8) The Friendzone:

One of you likes the other but it’s just never gonna happen.

Best advice: Don’t torture the guy. I kinda hate when people bitch about being in the friendzone unless someone is crossing the line. If you know he likes you don’t insist on sleeping in his bed, cuddling, etc.

9) The off-limits guy

This guy tortures you. He could be a teacher, someone with a girlfriend, or maybe your ex’s best friend. Either way you want him. You want him bad but you can’t have him. He’s off limits. You’re careful but you can’t help but flirt. You probably know under different circumstances it could work. It drives you crazy.

Best advice: There is honestly something hot about a guy who is off limits. As hot as he might be, going after it could possibly end terribly so it’s best to stay as far away as you can.


10) The perfect guy:

and to really drill this image into your head:


I could go on but I’ll refrain. Also, Leo gets two because it’s Leo. Anyway hopefully that helped you get the point. Some might not classify this as a relationship but it is. He’s everything. You’re so emotionally invested it’s ridiculous. You probably have a name for him along the lines of “Mr.Perfect”, “Mr. Beautiful” etc. You know his name. Probably even his middle name. And his major, his group of friends, blood type, social security number. JK. If you ever don’t call him by his title you’ve given him you can’t just simply say his name. It isn’t just “Steve” it’s “Steeeeeevvvveeeee” accompanied by drooling and heavy breathing. Even though he is probably somehow unattainable you just can’t help but love him.


Best advice: hold onto this love. There is no man like the Mr. Beautiful. Even being able to look at him is a gift.



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Why We Shouldn’t Avoid The Homeless


I’m the type of guy who goes out of his way to avoid homeless people. If I see one within 30 feet of me my first instinct is to cross over to the other side of the street or walk on the outside of my friends so I’m less accessible. And when one asks me for change, I generally mutter something about not having money (even though I do) before walking away quickly. In some rare cases, I do give the person a dollar or two, but that is only if the person is friendly and seems less likely to try and gnaw my face off.

I’m aware of the fact that I needn’t feel guilty about doing any of this. Pretending homeless people don’t exist has become the social norm. No one thinks any less of me whenever I refuse to acknowledge a homeless person’s plea or give them whatever change that’s in my pocket.I’ve been given a free pass to engage in what I consider to be slightly immoral behavior. And it’s a little upsetting you know- this mentality that if “everyone does something shitty, it means the behavior must not be shitty”. As if morality is less about the act and more about the people who act.

I’ve heard a few basic arguments as to why why people ignore homeless people or refuse to give them money. I’ve heard people say that they don’t give money because that money will only go towards alcohol or drugs. I’ve heard people say that the homeless should learn to take care of themselves and I’ve heard people say that giving money just doesn’t any good- whether or not the person is given 10 or 20 dollars, they’ll still be on the street tomorrow.

I can’t say that I haven’t thought at least a few of these things before. I’ve often felt that me giving money won’t do any real good- if anything it’ll keep them off the street for one night. But if I’ve learned anything from my roommate, who often goes out of his way to buy food for homeless people or engage with them, it’s that one night can be crucial for a person. And it’s a cop out to say “My help won’t do much, therefore I won’t help at all”. Life, I’ve learned, doesn’t have a clear cut ending like movies make it seem. I don’t think homeless people are expecting us to give them a job or a permanent roof under their head. They’re looking for a moment of kindness. They’re looking for that 5 dollars so that they can buy dinner for THAT night. They’re not thinking about the big picture, they’re thinking about the here and now. Sometimes the present is all some people have and it’s hard to acknowledge but those of us who have been given the opportunity to even fantasize about our futures must realize the privilege we have in life.

As an avid follower of Humans of New York, I’ve learned that we can never prejudge a person or think that our way of seeing the world is the only way. It’s easy to convince ourselves that all homeless people are drunks or crazy, it’s a bit harder to admit that in different circumstances we could be the one on the street. And we all know that if we were homeless that we’d hope someone would show us the kind of compassion we would never show ourselves.  We’d beg that someone would just give us the two dollars they were going to spend on gum, just so we could buy something off the Dollar Menu. We’d hope that someone would look us in the eye and realize that we were there and not just some whisper through an alley. And we’d hope that someone would give a damn one way or another if we got through the night.

I’m not saying we need to give all of our money away or anything like that. What I’m saying is that we need to be honest with ourselves about why we do the things that we do. We need to acknowledge our true feelings and assess whether or not those are the best thoughts and feelings to have. We need to ask ourselves, “Is it okay to do something just because everyone else does it?” and we need to admit to when we’re being a dick. Because it’s my opinion that if you deliberately walk by a homeless person and pretend they don’t even exist that you’re being a dick. And I’m sure that there are some people out there who ignore them because they feel uncomfortable and while I understand that, at the same time you have an obligation to get over yourself and say “I’m sorry” or acknowledge that the person exists.  And if you do have an extra dollar, give it away. Don’t expect anything of it. Hope that the person uses the money for the right reason and if they don’t, hope that they get through the night regardless. Because I can guarantee that if you were in that situation, you’d hope someone would show you a shred of compassion, not because they have to or because it’s popular, but because it’s a good thing to do.


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15 Pokemon That Are Definitely Gay




Flaafy is both gay AND European. He’s the type of gay who cares more about his appearance than whether or not women have reproductive rights. He’s always well dressed and well groomed. In fact, his hair is insured for $10,000! He may be superficial and dumb but he’s pretty so it works.




Illumise is one of those tux wearing lesbian types- but it isn’t because she’s butch but rather because she thinks it’s trendy (which it isn’t). She’s a performer at heart and loves putting on a show- whether that means singing on stage or starting drama any place she can. She’s also one of those bitches that dyes her hair lavender because she’s all about the trends.


Weavile is a “take no prisoners” type of bisexual. She’s a thrill to be around but her extreme behavior and outrageous tendencies make her quite intimidating. She loves any and all outdoor activities, including hot yoga, which no one should like. So yeah she’s hot but fucking crazy.


Gourgeist is the lesbian who works at your local coffee shop. She’s well read, likes alternative music and has a questionable haircut. She’s a sweet girl with a goofy sense of humor. And she just LOVES hummus and everything organic…so make of that what you will.


Scrafty is a lesbian who is all about the fitness. Whenever she’s not shredding it in the gym you can find her “marrying the night” on her Harley. She’s not necessarily the most friendly person but I can guarantee that if you got into a bar fight she’d be the first person to throw down for you. Scrafty LIVES for knife fights!


Kangashkan is a take charge kind of lesbian. She’s at the top of the corporate ladder, the mother of a future doctor and the president of several local charities. She needs to be involved in everything because she can’t bear to watch idiots try and run things. She may be a bitch but she’s a boss ass one.



Machamp is the kind of gay man who cares more about his dick pics than he does about anything else. He lives at the gym and makes it his job to keep his body right and tight. He may not be the smartest or kindest guy, but he looks great naked. And that counts for something, right?



Rapidash is 2 Fab 2 Not Be Gay. I mean it’s a scientific fact that all of the unicorns were gay. That’s why they died out.



For every perfectly styled, bronzed up gay guy out there there’s one who’s homely as fuck. That’s Tangela. He may not shower regularly or know how to interact with anyone but his mother but he’s decent enough. Tangela has a problem with letting people in- but for fair reason- I mean I know I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to see what’s under the vines.



Hypno is one of those distinguished homosexuals with a 401K and brandy collection. He likes his men like he likes his wine- in the basement.





Weepinbell is the village bicycle of the gay community. And you can’t blame him- look at those DSLs.


The lesbian equivalent of Weepinbell.





Not gay…just a hipster douche bag.



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20 Thoughts We Have About Summer Classes


2.) Why is it that everyone is dumber in summer classes than they are in regular ones?

3.) Seriously everyone is so dumb.

4.) Summer classes will never not feel like a punishment…even if you chose to take them.

5.) I could not care less about any of this.

6.) Am I the only person who isn’t a senior in this class?


8.) Why can’t we have this class outside…preferably at the beach.

9.) Is there a way to get a tan while indoors?

10.) BRB dying on the inside.

11.) Why am I taking this class again?

12.) Is this guy even a real professor? Oh, nope, he’s not.

13.) Doesn’t assigning homework during the summer constitute as cruel and unusual punishment?

14.) How do we have a quiz tomorrow? It’s only the second day of class.

15.) It’s not bad to drink on a school night if it’s during the summer, right?

16.) *Writes essay while drunk*

17.) It’s not fair that everyone else gets to go the beach or an amusement park and I’m stuck sitting behind a girl with dumb ass ombre hair.

18.)Does anyone else not give a fuck about this or is it just me?

19.) *Spends entire class on Buzzfeed*

20.) Class is over! Time to go home and eat nachos xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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